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Optical Batch Counter

The meiners-del PhotoCount Unit is a batch counter for use anywhere that pieces of work, for example stocking legs, socks, panti-hose, need to be counted as they pass by air pressure along clear Perspex tubes. The advantages of using the PhotoCount are that the counting method is optical and a ring fits over the clear Perspex tube and therefore can not be interfered with by the operator. The unit provides absolute reliability, the optical counting ring can be placed anywhere along the tube, double counting of the same piece of work is eliminated, no mechanical trigger to damage goods of requiring replacement. The PhotoCount is available with or without integral batch counter and comes with an output to control machine function and interface with an external batch counter.



Supply Voltage: -

220/240V a.c. Supplied with 3 Metres supply lead


PhotoCount Optical Ring

2 InfraRed Sensing Beams Configured in an X orientation within the ring. Supplied with 1.5 Meters lead.


Outputs: -

Connector 1: -

3 Pin DIN Socket / Output (ON/OFF Pulsed Action)

  1. Normally Open Relay Contact +24V D.C
  2. Normally Closed Relay Contact 24V D.C
  3. 0V

Connector 2: -

5 Pin DIN Socket / Optical Ring


Connector 3: -

4 Pin DIN Socket / 100mA 12V D.C Auxiliary Supply

  1. 0V
  2. Not Connected
  3. Not Connected
  4. +12V D.C


  • LED Indication of count
  • Output ON/OFF time adjustable
  • Batch Counter with pre-set and totaliser (Optional)

Dimensions: -

  • Standard Unit: - Width 180mm, Height 90mm, Depth 120mm
  • Optical Ring: - Outside Diameter 82mm, Inside Diameter 51mm (Standard)