OLM2 Systems

The meiners-del OLM2 equipment are all for monitoring paramaters of yarn quality. The OLM2NYQ and OLM2NCS are modular systems connected on a network used to relay the yarn quality data from the sensors mounted on the machine.

The OLM2KN is s standalone unit designed for use with sample knitting machines.

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The OLM2NYQ monitors: Node Count / Node Space & Yarn Quality 'online'

The system uses a dual axis infra red sensor to measure the profile of the yarn. The two infra red beams eliminate the need for presentation of the yarn and eliminate the need for yarn contact in the sensing area. The sensors optical system is self-checking and will show an alarm if the optics become contaminated (dirty). All sensors connect to signal processing units (SPU's). These units condition the sensor signals and provide a number of ways in which the sensor data can be accessed. Each SPU will handle up to 8 sensors and the number of units required, per machine or group, will be the machines total number of positions divide by 8. (There are '4' sensor SPU's available.)


The OLM2NCS monitors: Node Count & Space 'online'

The OLM2NCS is a system designed specifically to monitor Node Count and Node Space on yarn produced on texturing machines. The OLM2NCS is supplied in either 'half' machine (108 Positions) or 'full' machine (216 positions) systems. Each system consists of Signal Processing Units (SPU), Sensors and a Software Package. Each SPU has 12 sensors meaning that a 'full' system would consist of 18 SPU's. The SPU's link together via a '2 wire' data network that can either connect to a central console housing a PC or to an existing data network. The console is not supplied as standard but is offered as an option, however the software to setup, collect and display the Node Count and Space is provided with each system.


OLM2KN monitors: Node Count & Space for batched sample lengths

The meiners-del OLM/KN is a Node counter designed for use on sample knitting machines. The system consists of an electronic unit and a non-contact sensor, the sensor is the same as the meiners-del OLM2 sensor and gives reliable and trouble free service. The electronic unit has a keypad, four-line LCD display and a built in 40-column printer. The keypad allows the operator to enter data related to the tests and to start the cycle of measurement. The cycle of measurement may also be controlled by an external signal that may be given to the unit. This signals the unit that the cycle is starting and when a new package is being fed into the knitter. At the end of each measurement period the results are shown on the display and are printed. Any values below an acceptable entanglement count are marked with an asterisk. A signal is also sent from the unit to show out of limit count has been measured.