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OLM2KN monitors: Node Count & Space for batched sample lengths

The meiners-del OLM/KN is a Node counter designed for use on sample knitting machines. The system consists of an electronic unit and a non-contact sensor, the sensor is the same as the meiners-del OLM2 sensor and gives reliable and trouble free service. The electronic unit has a keypad, four-line LCD display and a built in 40-column printer. The keypad allows the operator to enter data related to the tests and to start the cycle of measurement. The cycle of measurement may also be controlled by an external signal that may be given to the unit. This signals the unit that the cycle is starting and when a new package is being fed into the knitter. At the end of each measurement period the results are shown on the display and are printed. Any values below an acceptable entanglement count are marked with an asterisk. A signal is also sent from the unit to show out of limit count has been measured.


The following parameters may be entered before each test:

Number of Packages to be tested

  • Yarn Speed
  • Measurement Time
  • Date & Time
  • Batch Number
  • Operator ID Number
  • Minimum Node Count Limit
  • Maximum Node Space

Technical Specifications

  • Supply Voltage 100-260 V 50/60 Hz
  • Package Change Signal. Internal Opto-Isolator @ 5 - 24V d.c.
  • Out of limits Output. Normally Open Contact @ 240V 5A Resistive
  • 50 to 8000 Metres Per Minute Yarn Speed
  • 2 Counts Per Metre Accuracy
  • 0 to 80 Degrees C Operating Temperature
  • Dual Axis Infra Red Sensor