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The OLM2NCS monitors: Node Count & Space 'online'

The OLM2NCS is a system designed specifically to monitor Node Count and Node Space on yarn produced on texturing machines. The OLM2NCS is supplied in either 'half' machine (108 Positions) or 'full' machine (216 positions) systems. Each system consists of Signal Processing Units (SPU), Sensors and a Software Package. Each SPU has 12 sensors meaning that a 'full' system would consist of 18 SPU's. The SPU's link together via a '2 wire' data network that can either connect to a central console housing a PC or to an existing data network. The console is not supplied as standard but is offered as an option, however the software to setup, collect and display the Node Count and Space is provided with each system.


Evaluation Package

An evaluation package for the OLM2NCS consisting of a Signal Processing Unit complete with 4 sensors, software and a power supply, is available. The operation and parameters measured are the same as a full system and the software has the same facilities. This package is supplied at a competitive cost to enable trials to be performed before committing to a full system. Contact either meiners-del or your local meiners-del agent for details.


Magnified Yarn Node Image that the OLM2NCS Monitors

The Software allows the following to be set and performed