Products Overview

meiners-del offers an extensive range of products to monitor Yarn & Fibre Quality.

Equipment available ranges from On-Line Monitoring with the BFD2, Broken Filament Detector, the OLM2, On-Line Monitoring Systems for Nodes and Yarn Quality and OLM2KN, Node Count & Space for sample batch lengths. Applications requiring a wide scan width there is the Tow Scanner for defect and 'trash' detection.

Complimenting the On-Line range there is a Laboratory Tester, YHM4 (Yarn Hairiness Meter) along with a range of portable, battery operated equipment, for individual Yarn or Fibre thread line monitoring. These include the ETM (Entanglement Test Meter), Memorandom, HairScan and Unilength Meter.

meiners-del incorporates a development team that has the experience needed to provide solutions for specific quality problems. The embedded technology used in the product range can often be utilised and adapted for a wide range of applications.