Portable Monitoring


meiners-del offer a range of portable battery powered meters for the monitoring of:-

  • Node Count & Space
  • Yarn Hariness and Broken Filaments
  • Yarn Speed & Length


The ETM3 is a hand held portable instrument designed to measure the number of entanglement points on a running threadline. The measuring head incorporates an infrared sensor, which detects the variation in yarn size, and this information is then displayed, after a short sampling time, as entanglement points per Metre.


The meiners-del Memorandom is a battery operated Yarn Hairiness Monitor that is used to check the quality of the yarn whilst being produced on the machines. Similar to the HairScan but with the added features and memory storage capacity, as detailed below. The measuring head with infra red technology is used to monitor the yarn. Not only is the Memorandom ideal for spun yarn quality monitoring but also very useful for broken filament detection.


The HairScan is the baby of the meiners-del Hairiness equipment but is a useful tool for monitoring the quality of spun yarn or detecting broken filaments. The HairScan is a portable battery powered unit using an infra red detecting head and is used for patrolling the mill and monitoring running yarn. There is no data storage facility, as in the Memorandom, but the sensor technology is the same. The utilisation of low power circuitry ensures a long battery life, typically 10 hours.


The Unilength Meter is an instrument that measures both yarn speed and Yarn length, specifically for use on circular knitting machines. The instrument consists of a battery powered control unit, a measuring head and a probe that automatically starts and stops length measurement. The batteries are rechargeable (battery charger also supplied) and the use of the latest solid state technology gives a long battery life between charging.