Portable Monitoring


meiners-del offer a two portable battery powered meters for the monitoring of:-

  • Node Count & Space
  • Hariness and Broken Filaments


The ETM3 is a hand held portable instrument designed to measure the number of entanglement points on a running threadline. The measuring head incorporates an infrared sensor, which detects the variation in yarn size, and this information is then displayed, after a short sampling time, as entanglement points per Metre.



The HairScan is the baby of the meiners-del Hairiness equipment but is a useful tool for monitoring the quality of spun yarn or detecting broken filaments. The HairScan is a portable battery powered unit using an infra red detecting head and is used for patrolling the mill and monitoring running yarn.

The utilisation of low power circuitry ensures a long battery life, typically 10 hours.