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Yarn Tow Scanner

There are three versions of the Yarn Tow Scanner all designed to detect defects on Yarn Tows. The basic defects that the Scanners detect are shown below.


Magnified Yarn Tow Cross Section View of Defects
seen by the YTS Emitter / Receiver
Cross section of yarn tow showing typical defects the YTS detects


The YTS03 model is the latest version made of the YTS and incorporates a Rate Meter. It has also been designed for use in Wet Process Areas

Model YTS01 & YTS02 wet process scanners

The YTS02 wet process yarn tow scanners is suitable for operation in areas where water is present. The scanner emitter and receiver units are sealed to IP66 (NEMA4) and the Unit has a Stainless Steel enclosure. The YTS01 uses the same emitter and receiver modules but the unit is supplied in a compact standard enclosure. The scanners are designed to interface directly with plant data collection systems but the latest addition to the scanner family is the YTS03

Emitter and Receiver Units

Connection is either by hard-wired leads or MIL SPEC multipole connectors. The units are designed to act as through scan and are aligned so the beam from the emitter is directed across the yarn tow to the receiver. The beam is modulated infra red and 10mm in diameter, the modulation makes the units insensitive to ambient light.

For small size yarn tows the yarn may be allowed to cut the beam, for larger tow sizes it is recommended that the beam is positioned above or below the yarn tow and surface defects above or below the tow are detected.

The output from the receiver is proportional to the amount of shadow cast over the receiver area from the defect on the tow. A threshold control is provided for the user, who only needs to know when an event over a certain size has occurred, this in effect produces a defect count output.

The emitter and receiver units are connected to a control unit. The control unit contains the power supplies and interface circuits for the emitter and receiver.

The control units are available in two versions. If the control unit is also to be in a wet area it is recommended to use the stainless steel enclosure with glass window. If however the control unit is in a dry area the standard unit can be used.

Specifications YTS01 & YTS02 Tow Scanner

  • Supply Voltage (Control Unit) 96 - 260V a.c.
  • Power 200VA
  • Beam Type Infra Red Through Scan
  • Beam Diameter 10 mm
  • Maximum Scan Distance 2 M
  • Outputs 5, 12, 24V
  • Dimensions Emitter - Receiver 175(L) X 80(H) X 55(D)
  • Connections Hard Wired or Multipole Connectors MIL Spec IP67
  • Emitter-Receiver Ingress Rating IP 66 (NEMA4)


YTS03 Wet Process Scanner with Rate Meter

The meiners-del YTS03 Tow Scanner compliments the existing YTS01 and YTS02 scanners and has an in-built counter unit with many features. The technology of the infra red emitter and receiver is the same but the unit has the addition and flexibility of a sophisticated counter making the YTS03 suitable for other tow scanning requirements.

YTS03 Unit with sensitivity adjustment and counter, with the emitter and receiver modules.

The emitter and receiver units are sealed to IP66 and use an infra red light source. The control unit is sealed to IP66 and has a separate terminal chamber at the bottom of the unit. The supply, receiver and emitter are connected to these terminals and an internal relay is also brought to these terminals for switching of a visual or audio alarms (not supplied as standard). A sensitivity control is provided to allow the counting of given size objects on the yarn tow and a signal level bar graph is provided for monitoring of background tow signal level. A power lamp and a dead beam lamp are provided. The dead beam lamp is used for the alignment of emitter and receiver units, it also provides the operators with a warning if the scanner is not operating correctly or the emitter and receiver are no longer in good alignment.

In-Built Counter Features

  • Displays count, rate, peak and valley counts
  • A Pre-set function to operate the relay, this can be linked to the count or rate reading alarm set point.
  • Both counter and rate may be scaled to accommodate low event counting
  • Two separate resets for different counts
  • All parameters are programmed via the counter control panel
  • Operator panel may be disabled once parameters are set up thus protecting the operation settings

Specifications YTS03 Tow Scanner

  • Supply selectable: 110V or 240V a.c.
  • Power: 120 VA
  • Preset Relay Rating: 5A resistive load 110V
  • Max Count Rate: 1000 Hz
  • Operating Temp Range 0 - 70 degree C
  • EMC Emissions Meets EN 50081 - 2 Industrial Environment
  • EMC Immunity Meets EN50082 - 2 Industrial Environment
  • Scanner Beam Frequency 100 kHz
  • Scanner Beam Wavelength 850 nm
  • Scanner Beam Diameter 10 mm
  • Maximum Scan Distance 2 M