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Yarn Hairiness & Broken Filament Monitor

The HairScan is the baby of the meiners-del Hairiness equipment but is a useful tool for monitoring the quality of spun yarn or detecting broken filaments. The HairScan is a portable battery powered unit using an infra red detecting head and is used for patrolling the mill and monitoring running yarn. There is no data storage facility, as in the Memorandom, but the sensor technology is the same. The utilisation of low power circuitry ensures a long battery life, typically 10 hours.

The HairScan has a two line intelligent display (LCD) that shows the measurement time (seconds) and count. If the batteries are low on charge a message will appear requesting the batteries to be charged. The measurement time is selectable in increments of 5 or 10 seconds, minimum is 5 seconds and a maximum is 95 seconds. For broken filament detection there is a continuous mode where, if selected, the Hair Scan will monitor until the operator decides to finish. The measuring head can be fixed permanently in the threadline and left in this mode and any broken filaments will register on the display. Any position that has a measurement reading vastly different to the expected value will obviously require attention to correct the reason for an abnormal reading, whether its for hairiness or broken filament detection.

As power supply is also available to enable the HairScan to be used for longer periods than the battery life, the power supply plugs into a socket on the HairScan.

The HairScan is supplied with a STANDARD measuring head. The standard head is defined by the position of the yarn guide in relation to the small detecting hole in front of the infra red sensor, which for the standard head is 3mm. This dimension was set many years ago by Shirley Institute for their Yarn Hairiness Meter first build in the 1960's and has been continued by meiners-del. However with the progress in yarn technology this 3mm setting is not always the best option for all yarns therefore meiners-del offer a range of heads with different dimensions between the yarn guide and the detecting hole. The range goes from 1mm to 5mm and can be specified in increments of 0.1mm. For most cases the 3mm STANDARD head is best suited for spun yarns but consideration of this dimension for broken filament detection will depend upon the length of filaments be detected. It is important to specify a non-standard head requirement when ordering, give the dimension best suited to your application.

Recent development has resulted in the design of a sensor head that is suited to yarns that can break easily. The use of roller bearing yarn guides means that the measurement of filaments and filamentation on special yarns is now possible. An example of the yarn suited to this head is carbonised. This yarn can be easily broken when using the Standard Measuring Head but using this new Head the problem is eliminated.

As with the Standard Measuring Head the distance set between the yarn guides and the detecting beam is 3mm and this distance would suite most applications, but as with the standard head this dimension can be specified for specific application requirements.

The unit comes complete with 1 x Measuring Head, 4 x NiCa AA batteries, Battery Charger, Carrying Case and Users Manual.

If you have a special application where different measuring head is needed then please contact meiners-del to discuss a solution in the Sensor Head Design.