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Entanglement Test Meter

The ETM3 is a hand held portable instrument designed to measure the number of entanglement points on a running threadline. The measuring head incorporates an infrared sensor, which detects the variation in yarn size, and this information is then displayed, after a short sampling time, as entanglement points per Metre.

The ETM3 is the next generation Entanglement Test Meter and replaces the highly successful ETM2. Extra features have been incorporated into the Meter. The added features include a new measurement mode which not only gives you the standard results of entanglement points (Nodes) per Metre but also spacing of the entanglement points (nodes). The results displayed on the LCD screen in this mode of measurement are Nodes Per Meter / Maximum Node Spacing / Average Node Spacing (the spacing results are in mm).

In addition to the new measurement mode the ETM3 gives the option to enter the Date and Time of you're tests as well as the facility to identify the tests by entering an Identification Number. Another option also allows the operator to enter his or her own personal ID number. The data that is entered into the ETM3, along with the test measurements taken can then be Downloaded direct to a PC using the all new Data Download Software. The ETM3 is supplied complete with Data Download Software and will allow you to view, print, or graph the data.

Modification to the power supply for the internal circuitry means that the meter operates with four AA rechargeable batteries instead of the five needed to power the ETM2. This means that the internal battery, as used in the ETM2, is no longer required but there has been no affect to the battery life between charges. There is also a new battery charger supplied with the ETM3 that enables a fully discharged set of batteries to be fully charged in four hours. The charger has intelligence and will NOT overcharge the batteries because it senses the state of charge and switches to a trickle charge mode when the batteries are fully charged.

Also available is the ETM3C, this meter comes with a sensor suitable for Carpet Yarns, note that the standard sensor and the carpet yarn sensor can be used with the same meter enabling the purchase of a single meter complete with both standard and carpet yarn sensors.


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